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because i didn't know where to post and then i find this spot.

anyway my name is christina. i was diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome after i had an emg done in march. it's in my left arm. anyway i had surgery done on may 2nd and it hasn't helped at all. my pinky and half my ring finger is still numb and now i have muscle wasting in that hand. my ortho is very confused. he said i shouldn't be having the atrophy since i had the surgery.

i had an mri done on my neck and it shows i have an osteophyte on my c6-c7 vertebrae. so now he is referring me to a neurosurgeon and i get another emg done on the 7th of this month.

the first emg showed i had severe ulnar neuropathy and i guess he wants to see if it's getting any better.

anyway i am quite frustrated. this has been going on since january and it came on so fast. my pinky and ring finger are numb and tingly all the time and have been since january. it's getting harder and harder to use my hand because it's so weak.

can i get the muscle back in my hand once they figure out what is going on?

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