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My best friend is 25 years old, and about 6 weeks ago, she started having a numbness in her right leg, arm, and hand. She doesn't have health insurance and wouldn't go to the ER. Over the next few weeks, the numbness in her leg mostly subsided, but her hand got worse to where she couldn't use it. She can move it- open and close her fingers, etc, but she can't grasp anything, hold onto anything, or do anything that requires any type of precision with that hand. Finally, after about 5 weeks, me and her sister were able to talk her into going to the ER. They didn't do any testing like MRI or anything (I think because she has no insurance), but the doctor there told her he thought she had Neuropathy and that it was probably caused by sleeping wrong (they did do bloodwork where they tested for diabetes because it is on both sides of her family and she is also overweight, and the tests came out negative for diabetes). So they put her on Steroids and sent her on her way, telling her if the steroids didn't help, then she should see a Neurologist.
Well, I've read up a little bit on Neuropathy, and I never saw any mentioning of treating it with steroids. my brother said they might be trying to jump-start her nervous system with the steroids. Maybe they couldn't give her any other treatments because she doesn't have insurance; I don't know.
But anyway, the steroids only seem to be making her hyper, and not doing much else (is hyperactivity a side-effect of steroids? she says she can't sleep, and she's also been talking really really fast, to the point where her family keeps asking her if she's "on something"). She said she's starting to get a lot of pain now in her arm and hand, and in her spine. Her hand is still numb- as in she can't really feel when she's touching or holding something, but she also is getting shooting pains through it and in her back.
So I'm just wondering if this sounds like Neuropathy, or if it could be something else? Can anyone share any similar experiences with Neuropathy? Also, is there a way for her to get on Disability because of this? she's been trying to get a job (she got laid off of her last job shortly before this all started), and she's having trouble getting a job because she can't do much with her hand.

Thanks for any input!

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