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[QUOTE=lisadaleyallan;3641964]I have been experiencing tingling in my arms and feet and hands
I have had shoulder and neck problems from driving,
I wonder if it s all related.
I also have a burning sensation under the skin with no rash[/QUOTE]

Normally, any pressure on the lower spinal cord has been known to give problems to the lower extremities and upper spine affects the arms & hands but just to confuse us more, problems with the cervical spine has been known to affect both extremities, rare but not impossible.
What you describe sounds typical of small fibre neuropathy which can have many causes, the most common are Prediabetes, Diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, toxins, Alcohol miss use, which causes massive losses in Thiamine [B1] & other B vitamins and there are many other known possibilities and some are never found [ idiopathic] unfortunately.
If prediabetes is suspected the best test is a Glucose tolerance test, a fasting glucose test is useless for prediabetes, GT test shows how your body responds to glucose challenge, other blood tests above can be requested by your family doctor which is good place to start then if not successful ask to be reffered to a neuro that specializes in peripheral neuropathy, some neuro's are ok but to give yourself the best chance of finding the cause a specialist in neuropathy is paramount in my book anyway, good luck & i hope they can find the cause and can be rectified.

Aussie :)

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