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Hello, was wondering if my symptoms are happening to anyone else and what I might have..First, heres the history..

Forty four year old female

A year and half ago I went from being pretty healthy to all my joints in my body aching, extreme fatigue in the muscles of my legs and burning sensations in my hands..crawling chill sensations in legs and trunk area.I have no insurance but went to the doc anyway, a rarity for me, he ran a few blood test for arthritis and something called a said rate? anyway, he said he couldnt see anything there and told me short of bunches of test he really didnt know what it was and I went home.

I had the problem for about 8 months, just as that was subsiding I developed a daily chronic headache on my right side. I had shocking throbbing pains, burning all around my ear and areas around my eye, also was developing the burning in all areas of body but mostly on left side..its like lemon size spots of hotness, they only last for a few seconds...also was having double vision and severe chill sensations mostly on head area that hurt and legs..

I again went to the docs, we went through a regiment of medicines, depakote 4 months and then other migraine drugs.I also went to the eye doc, he said he didnt understand why I would be having double vision, sent me home.. another few months went by with no relief, infact was getting much worse

About 4 months ago the head problem started in on my left side of head ear face etc...It had been ten months of chronic pain and I was at my wits end. I went to the neuroligist..

She suspected MS, wanted me to do a MRI and I did, she said it was clear, then she did a bunch of expensive blood test and put me on amitriptiline for the nerve pain..Also told me to see the eye doc again..For about eight days the medicine made the head problem near unbearable but then it started to work!!! It hasnt stopped the burning sensations but has calmed in down just a little, but the throbbing nerve pains are almost gone, still having headaches a bit, but so much better I was and am thrilled for that, been taking for 5 weeks, it has been a very difficult drug for me to get used to, has my blood pressure really low and causes nightmares and vivid dreams and the dry mouth is horrid, she said the side effects would take some getting used to..she was right....

I went to eye doc, only been eight months since I had seen him but he said I needed glasses, gave me two pairs, upclose and distance and said it should help the double vision, I think its helping as it the double vision doesnt happen much with the glasses on...

The burning sensations are travelling about the body and on both sides now though still most on left side also am having the leg fatigue and joint aches starting back in, hips hurt and I feel like I went skiing in the muscles that join that area..they are not sore to touch, just fatigue fatigue fatigue when I walk, stand still or lean over to brush teeth..thats when it starts to quiver and shake..very wierd..Anyway, its the same thing that struck me almost two years ago..I am really concerned..I went back to neuroligist and asked her what she thought...she said she didnt know what it was, that we are just treating symptoms for now! I am so confused and and scared by all this...I had been doing pretty good until the muscle thing started again..Now I know they are connected..up until now I wasnt sure.

I keep dreaming that I have progressive MS even though doc said MRI was clear...she is being very noncomittal on all this, I guess she really doesnt know..I thought I was in the clear on the MS issue but I read on the net that MRI can be clear and it still be MS, particulary if over 40, I havent spoke to doc about this but am concerned as my symptoms point to that....she didnt mention anything else that it could be, maybe she is trying to spare me the fear,

SO heres the questions, does anyone else have these symptoms and if so what is your diagnosis?

Also do my docs responses seem normal to you guys?

Her reccomondation was to get a job with insurance, will they cover me for test etc being as I am already seeing doctor for symptoms?

I dont think I could work full time, I am a bit a train wreck over here...but if I could get insurance it might be the thing to do, my savings are getting eaten up!

I should stop now, this is very long and windy,,sorry for that, I will greatly appreciate any responses, thanks Kat

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