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If I were you I would try the IVIG. I had 5 days of it last year and 5 days of it this past January.
Prednisone is serious stuff. I was on it last year for a hearing lost now nobody wants to give it to me for my tendinitis. Most people I talked to on the GBS/CIDP board would say use prednisone only as a last resort.

I have you had an EMG yet? Where they put thing on your legs and hands and feet to zap you to see how the nerves are working. By that they can tell if you have GBS or CIDP but since you are getting worse it could be something like CIDP. I would find a Neurologist as soon as possible. Also if you get real bad go to the emergency room. If you get to see a Neurologist he might want to do an Spinal Tap also called lumbar puncture. Because if you have elevated proteins of over 45 it most likely be something like CIDP.
Regarding pain You can take up to 3600mg of Neurontin in a day. Some people on my other forum says even higher if you had too. The fatigue is part of having a Neuropathy disease. Before you took sick did you got a vaccination like a flu shot or got sick real bad. Because that is some of the triggers. I had a flu shot within 7 weeks I had a hard time to feel the gas pedal while driving. CIDP is chronic affecting both sides at the same time when I first start having these symptoms.
Fatigue is one of the worse side affects of my disease and I thinks most Neuropathy disease or any inflammatory disease.
As a old friend use to say rest, rest and more rest if it takes more then 12-18 hours to recover from any activity then you are doing to much. Then the next day or days you pay for it.

Good luck keep us posted.


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