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Numb Area on Face
Aug 30, 2008

I am usually in the arthritis, lupus, and back pain boards but I had another weird nerve related problem so I thought maybe I should post on this board.

I do have spine problems which are probabably causing my lower leg and foot nerve problems; however, I've also developed nerve related symptoms in my upper body ( neck, arms, hands, fingers, face, and other spots). Since i've been taking Lyrica (and other meds), I am able to lay on my back during sleep without too much toe tingling (it's been bothering me to lay on my sides lately) I usually wake up in the same position that I went to sleep. A few times I woke up with my arms out to each side and both arms were almost numb, my hands were completely numb..then after a while of moving and shaking them around, the pins & needles appeared and finally I got all feeling back. I get other weird nerve issues like this as well.

However, one day...I woke up from sleeping on my back and found an area of my face was completely if I'd just been injected with lidocaine at the dentist. It was from part of my upper right lip, up my cheek a bit, then down my face towards my jaw, and back up to my lower right lip. It was a big circular area that was numb. I really had no feeling in that area. That certainly cannot be related to my lower spine. After getting up and pushing and patting my face there and walking around for a while, I got pins and needles, then the pins & needles went away and it was no longer numb. Having this in my face had never happened before, it was quite strange..and to my knowledge, I was not sleeping on that side of my face. I do sleep on a cervical pillow due to neck pain and this pillow really helps my neck alot.

Has anyone ever experienced this facial numbness?

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