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[QUOTE=tbowles6;4759278]Hi, sorry to hear about your daughter. My pain started really hurting in my feet and legs in October of last year. I was referred to a neurologist by my doc. I had an EMG and have peripheral neuropathy. I've been on neurotin and tramadol which have helped in the burning pain in my feet, but still have the numbness and hypersensitive hot spots. It has now traveled to my shoulders arms and hands besides the feet and legs. I've now added amitriptyline for pain so I'm taking all three. I am getting an MRI next week to see if there is something in my cervical spine that can tell us what is causing it.

I didn't realize that I've had this for some time, but looking back, I'd lose my balance for no reason other than my brain was saying go one way and my feet were going the other. It's a scary feeling but it was the start before the pain. I've been an athlete all my life so this was a shock to me, but it all adds up now.

Definitely go to see a neurologist and make sure she tells them all the pains, even if they seem not to be related. It helps the process. They will do the blood tests and others and hopefully get your daughter some relief for the pain. Hopefully they'll find what it is and "fix it". Hope this helps. Tracy[/QUOTE]
You sound a LOT like 07 my feet just hurt...then went to mid calf a while later and the burning/numbness started....and year or so later my hands started to hurt/burn...

I'm on the max dose of Neurontin...and take something for RLS but am going to ask for something else to help sleep...between the pain and RLS I don't sleep well at all.

I too had/have awful balance...a shower is not the easiest thing in the world..and stairs are NOT my friend.

Hope everyone has a pain free day.

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