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I'm just wondering if anyone has a situation similar to my own. In November 2007 (age 31), I got a bad virus. I was always pretty healthy and really didn't go to the doctor often. This virus landed me in the ER twice. My throat was so bad, I couldn't even drink liquids.

As I was recovering (several weeks later), I noticed a tightness in the back of my head. It hurt to lay my head down. I also had sinus problems, but nothing showed up on a CT scan. Then I started getting tingling in my hands and feet. They weren't numb, but they had that pins and needles feeling.

The docs did some MRI's and found a herniated cervical disk with stenosis which was pushing on a nerve. They sent me to a neurosurgeon. As I was waiting to get in, my symptoms changed.

I didn't have the tingling as much anymore, but it was replaced by nerve pain in my hands and feet. My muscles in my arms and back were sore and would often quiver (especially upon waking). I had twitches in my legs.

The NS blew me off as I wasn't surgical. I went to a neurologist who was great. He tested me for tons of different things. They did find that I had low-lying tonsils without herniation (possible chiari?), and a couple of nonspecific white matter spots. He also did an EMG and a nerve conduction test, which were abnormal.

My ulnar, median, radial, and peroneal nerve were all slowed or absent on the nerve test. The EMG had abnormalities corresponding to the levels of my disk herniation (C5-6-7). He felt that this explained a bulk of my symptoms and started me on physical therapy.

Thankfully, the physical therapy has helped. At this point, I have some better days where one thing is bothering me (sore elbows, sore neck, etc). Then I have not as good days, where a variety of symptoms happen: some twitching, pinching in my arms, sleep jerks, etc.) I'm starting to wonder if that is correlating with the weather.

Anyway - I just wondered if this story sounds at all familiar to anyone. I keep going back to the virus as it all happened around the same time.

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