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Hello everyone,

After several visits to various doctors and tests to rule out 'reversible causes' I have been informed that I am probably suffering with SFN.

I am awaiting an appointment for electro conductive tests but the neuroligist informed me that they would either show no abnormalities or inconclusive abnormalities. (Sound like a waste of time to my lay man's mind)

Anyway, a question to all who are unfortunate enough to suffer with this... Do you find that your symptoms, be it tingling, burning, ultra sensitivity to touch or any of the other myriad sensations get worse after eating?

I ask this because, although my symptoms are pretty constant, getting progressively worse as the day goes on, I have noticed, on occassion, that if I don't eat anything for a few hours, i.e. go without breakfast, that my symptoms feel better. However, when I then eat a substantial meal I notice the tingling in my hands and feet get noticeably worse.

Anyone else experience this?

Take care all.

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