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In the past 3 weeks, the SFN in my hands has seemed to progress from just the hands, to above the elbows. though the buring and tingling is minor compared to my hands, I assume this is because your hands are more active. I now wear a soft, lined pair of gloves to helps a small bit. The tips of my fingers seemed to hurt worse than before, and I work on a computer all day. At night, sometimes it begins to be uncomfortable to have the sheets laying across my lower legs, but not all the time. But the tingling is creeping up my shins and calves.

Now the neuro wanted to change my prescription to Lyrica (2700mg) and Oxycontin (40-60mg), but the insurance company says they won't pay for those and wants me to use Nuerontin, which I am on now and is not working enough (hence, why he wants to change it); and replace the Oxycontin, but don't say with what! The nurse at my neuro is going to call them and see what she can do, but man, it is friggin' a drag to deal with these people. I don't know if it helps for me to call them, I've always let the doc's folks do it in the past.

I am so ticked right now, it is difficult to work (even typing this message), stand , sit or anything. Laying in bed on my side is the only position that lessens the pain. I am not one to stay in bed all day, geez, I'm only 46! I don't want to stop working and can't afford to. I would lose my house if that happens.

Just had to rant a bit........


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