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Hi again, i lost the excess weight i was carrying through diet and exercise & kept my blood sugars right down, exercise is difficult when your feet are in so much pain, so i opted to go to local pool and exercised there instead.
I also used vitamin/supplements to help nourish the nerves whilst they were healing, like, a multi B vitamin, extra b1 100mg x 3 times daily, 1 mg - b12 methylcobalamin, R lipioc acid [ it can lower blood sugars ] be carefull if taken with drugs like metformin in case the sugars go to low, Vitamin C, E, acetyl-L-carnitine, gamma-linolenic acid 480 mg daily, they all have a purpose and worked for me, but the main thing with me was fixing the cause which was the higher than normal blood sugars, i aimed for sugars to be as close to a person that is not diabetic.
Has your wife been tested for other known causes of neuropathy? trouble is a lot of doctors are to quick to blame diabetes as it is the most common cause of PN, but not everyone with diabetes gets peripheral neuropathy, it certainly is not the only cause of nerve damage, might be worth looking into if she has kept real good sugars levels over those 5 years but the nerves are still aggravated by something.
Aussie :)

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