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Hi Magan, I'm Meghan. I lost feeling in my ring finger and pinkie on my right hand almost 3 years ago. It happened when I whipped my head back dancing at home, a jolt like electricity shot down both my arms and a few days later, I noticed those fingertips going numb, then the fingers, then the hand, then the other fingers and hand, then my arm, the other arm. It eased up and eventually I was left numb permanently in those 2 fingers on my R hand and the outer portion of that hand as well. The whole hand and arm numbness went away, although it comes back from time to time. I had an EMG back when this first happened, about two months after the numbness started. The EMG showed carpal tunnel in both arms, but when I pointed out that my original and worst numbness was the pinkie and ring fingers (which aren't along the CT channel), no one seemed to bother. The EMG results were all that mattered and so I wore braces on my wrists all day and night and took motrin, had steroid shots. Those helped, but not for the two-finger numbness (of course). One doc said I might have hurt my neck, causing the finger numbness, so I had an x-ray. I was told it was fine. A year later, I was seeing a Rheumatologist for continuing problems with my fingers, hands, and arms, and she said that x-ray from the year prior (that was 'fine') showed arthritis in my neck. She said it wasn't a problem for me at this age, though (I was 37 then). She also found that I have arthritis in my hands (bone scan --good test and not painful like an EMG). A year later, I had an MRI of my neck that showed a whole host of problems, some quite serious. I had surgery 2 months after my MRI was done. My experience was that my problems stemmed from neck --and it was caught late. I've since been told I had damage before my 'head whip', which I believe is true (now that I understand symptoms of cervical issues, I had them years before -including a weakness in both arms), but my dance move messed up an already messed up neck, moving things to a much worse state. My right arm had muscle atrophy by the time I had surgery -I didn't even know that before I was tested for 'damage' pre-op. I knew my arms were 'weak', but didn't realize one had actually had muscle die off. I, too, have a lot of problems with my hands, esp with gripping (like the steering wheel --ohjoy). I take glucosamine, fish and flax oil, and anti-inflammatories for the arthritis, get steroid shots for the CT, and had surgery for the cervical issues (surgery done too late to reverese things for me, but in time to stop them from worsening). I would work with your doc (or get a referral to a doc who can help you) to get a cervical MRI to see what's going on in your neck. You may have issues solely in your hands themselves or it's possible you had a neck injury during the accident. I was upset that docs 'dropped' interest in my pinkie and ring finger numbness b/c of my EMG results and disregarded my neck x-ray results that showed arthritis (ignored as in they didn't check into that further as possibly connected to the numbness), but I just let it go (sigh). You deserve to be followed thoroughly, don't just accept it if they 'drop interest' in you. Keep at them to look into things, to explain your numbness and TREAT it. They'll have to figure out why it's there and where it originates from. Your results could be simple or more complicated, but either way, you deserve to have them pay attention to what is continuing (and expanding) to be a problem for you. Losing feeling that you use to have is not okay, esp if it did not come back as they said it would. Having problems worsen is even more 'not okay'. They may not take the reins, so you'll have to be the one to drive the buggy and keep at them.
Good luck and I hope you find relief and a return to feeling in your fingers, strength in your hand.

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