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Dear Arlene and Ian,

Rick went to the osteo, acupuncturist, and from what I am reading here, he has more strength in his fingers, than most. He uses his hand regardless of the pain, it does appear that the more he uses his hand the more painful it is, but he wants to continue building strength in his hand. He feels it is extremely important to keep the hand functioning, as if it were not hurt. He went to the the osteo, acup. twice a week for almost 3 years.He still goes every couple of months. The pain is unbearable, but it may have helped the nerve regrow. Rick associates pain with the nerve growing. Are any of you experiencing continual pain from the nerve? Rick has a fair amount of dexterity in both is middle finger and ring finger, it is only his little finger, that is crooked. Surgery has been suggested, but he prefers to stay away from MD's if he can help it. He really finds solace in working. He also finds solace in deep psychological conversations, which has always been an interest for him, but even more so now. We are in the antiques business, so there is a passion to what we do. Rick also designs coral centerpieces and sculptures, the act of designing and creating, take him away from the pain.
He can at most times deal with it, but like Arlene says it is a pain that is challenging to say the least. Rick feels sometimes, that his psychologically can also affect the pain, if he is unsettled, the arm and hand seem to hurt out more. Cold weather also seems to cause the nerve to act up. As we live in Florida, we don't get much cold weather, but this winter it has been cold. Perhaps that is why his pain has been worse lately. Nerves are a weird thing.

Any questions at all, feel free.
wschmelter, I severed my nerve 23 months ago now. I have experience hardly any improvement in sensation in that time, although, I find it hard to tell as changes in sensation and movement are very difficult to percieve as progress is so slow. How is your movement? Are you in pain? I have no lateral control over my middle, ring and little finger, and only some in my index finger, but I don't feel much pain outwith cold winter days. The last time I went to the hospital they said that it might take up to 5 years to get to the full extent of the recovery, but with so little progress after 2 I do not hold out much hope for vast improvement. I feel a slight tingling sensation to the tip of my little finger if I press on the nerve at the wrist, and I do have some sensation when pressing on the affected parts of my hand, for example I now notice If my hand brushes across a lit hob, or if my little finger rests on a lit toaster filament, whereas I failed to notice these things before. I have been due to go back to hospital for a last physiotherapy consultation for some time, but I do not want to go and hear bad news delivered with a smile and a bland voice, I have had my fill of that. I am very sorry to hear of your misfortune, and I wish you a far greater recovery than mine, it would be good to know that someone with this kind of injury made something close to a full recovery...

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