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I've been searching for information regarding ulnar nerve damage since my 9 yr old son put his arm through plate glass 5 weeks ago severing the ulnar nerve. Surgery to repair the nerve and the deep cut to his forearm close to the elbow was performed the morning after the incident. His arm was firstly wrapped and padded with thick bandages and a half cast of plaster. 5 days after surgery a plastic cast was applied from under his arm to the ends of his fingers, his elbow and bent at a right angle. The cast was removed 3 days ago after 4 weeks. I am somewhat worried after reading the previous posts as to what kind of recovery my son will have. He has complete numbness in his ring and pinky and feels pins and needles and small electric shocks in his whole hand and arm. I realise these posts have been made some time ago and no one may be still reading them, but if anyone is, I would love to hear from you. My son is only 9 and what I have read so far is quite frightening, he would be devastated should he not regain full use of his hand and fingers (it's his right hand and he is right handed) he's such an active, smart boy who loves his sport, drawing and writing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Hoping all who have posted have recovered or at least improved.

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