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Has anyone experienced this? If I happen to lay flat on my back (which would pretty much be while sleeping), I almost always wake up with my arms completely numb and immovable. It takes a while but feeling does come back and I am able to move around again. I've noticed this while laying in bed and even laying on the floor. I also get arm numbness if I sleep on flat on my side. Since I've been having more back pain and hip pain while laying on my sides, I usually sleep on my back (although I do get pins & needles in my toes/feet). However, I have to prop myself up with a mattress genie, lots of pillows, and a cervical pillow on top of my regular pillows. As long as I'm propped up like this, my arms seem okay. It's only when I'm laying flat do my arms go numb. The other night I was tired, but was on the floor playing with my kitten a little. Well, I ended up waking up in the wee hours of the morning on the floor, on my back (I fell asleep there) and my arms were completely numb again. I have also noticed that sometimes while sitting, I will get pins & needles, and sometimes numbness in some of my fingers. I even woke up one time and part of my right face was completely numb (as if I'd just had a novacaine injection at the dentist). It's strange because I know this can happen, say when you sleep on a limb in the wrong position or for too gets numb and wakes up when you move it. But I am not even sleeping on my limbs when this happens.

Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, what was your cause?

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