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Hi Will. I'm sorry I haven't replied in a few days. My daughter and son-in-law are moving out west next week, so we've been busy helping them get things in order.
I'm not sure if I'm any further ahead yet. I did see the surgeon and although he was most helpful in explaining his findings, I'm still suffering the same amount of pain. He claims that my gall bladder "could" be causing the back pain, but can't explain the burning nerve pain in my abdomen. Once I have the ERCP next Thursday, if the cells still show as A-typical, they'll remove the gall bladder. I honestly believe the pain will still be or not.
I also saw my chiropractor yesterday, who says this could be shingles. I never developed a rash, so is that possible? As I said...I'm no further ahead.
I'm sorry to hear that you're still suffering so much pain. Although I can't make things better for you, I do agree that having someone to talk to really does help one cope.
All we can do is keep searching for answers. In the meantime, we have each other for support. :)
I finally have an appointment with a neurologist on December 4th. Hopefully, through his findings, I might get some answers!
I'll be quite busy this weekend, but I'll pop on Monday to see how you and Allie are getting on. I hope you have a relaxing weekend that finds you more comfortable.
Take care, and we'll talk soon.

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