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I have been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy, and my legs and arms go to sleep also. I have the burning sensation all the time in my left trunk, both hands, buttocks, groin, and left thigh down to my knee. My arms, legs and feet get week, and my feet burn too. I am on 600 mg of lyrica a day, cymbalta 90 mg, and the burning is now at least acceptable; the weakness is much less. I also went to OSU clinic. I saw Dr. Freimer. I also see a Rheumatologists who says it's Fibromyalgia. I am now going to the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Zyat, who has given the same diagnosis as OSU. They have referred me to a neuromuscular doctor who I haven't seen yet. Dr. Zyat couldn't find anything wrong with me after MRI's, EMGs, all the other nerve tests and blood tests????? Aspercream seems to calm the burning some too.
PAJ, Washington C.H., OH

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