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Well, it seems to me that you have reached some success with your condition.
I am sure you will agree that while you are sleeping most of the time, you are at
least free from pain and I'd take that over being sleepy. Although we are
co-sufferers, I can feel your pain and will say a prayer that you are finally freed
from PN. You are truly suffering. Tell me something, what is your pain like.
Is it all the time or does it occur at about 20 second intervals? Is the pain so
sharp that you double up with pain? And, once more I will ask you to try again
to go on a treadmill for a wekk. Take the cymbalta if you must. Start with 15 minutes
and every day, increase by 5 minutes. From what you write, you are suffering from
the condition anyway, you might as well suffer while on the treadmill because at least
you are doing healthy stuff with a possible reversal in your pain condition.

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