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[QUOTE=Aussie100;3801750]Hi, i am not really sure why nerve signaling can go erractic when resting, i know i had the same trouble myself and many others do as well.

I do know a few neuropathy patients that had elavated blood sugars and once they get their blood sugars under very good control for some time, their neuropathic pain has reduced [dramaticly in some cases].

I also think exercise is very important, insulin resistance can be helped by exercise, a good way to unlock " the keys " to the insulin receptors thus lowering blood glucose levels more efficently, a healthy but low carb diet is also very helpfull to control blood sugars, white bread, rice, pasta & sugary carbs etc, can very quickly elavate blood sugars & should be avoided when diabetic.

There was a study once done on diabetic polyneuropathy patients using supplements, the majority of them did show improvement in symptoms, it was using three supplements: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) as contained in Evening Primrose Oil (EPO), and Vitamin C.

I personaly had a slight reaction to Alpha Lipioc acid in the form of a rash, but i switched to the newer better form " R- lipioc acid " [ 100 mg ] and had no trouble at all, lipioc acid can lower glucose levels so one has to monitor your personal reaction if taken diabetic meds as well.,[may not affect them at all ] it didn't to me but i think it wise to play carefully.

The Gamma Linolenic Acid can be bought by itself, typicaly 480 mg daily.

Vitamin C 500 mg daily

I have added other supplements myself called Acetyl-l-carnitine, it can help heal nerves, b12 methylcobalin 1mg daily [taken on an empty stomach] and in the mornings i take a good quality multi B, all have a purpose for nerve support.

A little more info about carnitine, it is a natural substance that bodies produce, but in order for the body to produce carnitine, it needs the amino acids lysine or methionine and vitamin C, so a shortage of one or both amino acids and/or vitamin C will lead to inadequate production of carnitine.
In the human body, carnitine transports long chain fatty acids into the cells, so that they can be used for energy. Several steps are required for this process and dysfunction at any or all of the steps leads to genetic disorders including primary carnitine deficiency, in which the body cannot convert fat into energy, because carnitine is necessary to convert fat to energy, acetyl l carnitine is commonly added to “fat burners” and other weight loss supplements.
Some studies have shown that supplements combining acetyl l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid appear to reverse the damage done to certain cellular structures, known as mitochondria, by the aging process. mitochondria exist in all of the cells of the body.
They are the cellular structures that have been described as “cellular power plants”. These structures churn out energy for the cell by converting other compounds into ATP, which has multiple functions at the cellular level, including energy transfer, mitochondria also store and release calcium, in nerve cells, the release of calcium back into the cell initiates events that cause the release of neurotransmitters, which transmit signals among different nerve cells in the brain and body. In other words, neurotransmitters tell the muscles and organs what to do.
i hope this helps
best of luck to you

Aussie :)[/QUOTE]
Thanks Aussie, I may have to try this out if it works out to be ok with my other meds. I have a number of other health issues so have to be careful with interaction with my other drugs. I am a cancer survivor (3 x) and on meds for that yet as well as bloodpressure and heart and kidney problems so have to be careful. I will check things over with my doctor and may try your suggestions or part of them if he agrees. Thanks ever so much...

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