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Where do I go from here??/suggestions


Have had all of the following with no answers any suggestions on where to go next??

Blood Results, as of 11-10-08, which Nuero said is not a concern by itself

ANCA Panel
Antimyeloperoxidase (MPO) Abs

<9.0 0.0-9.0

Antiproteinase 3 (PR-3) [B]Abs 6.4 High[/B] 0.0-3.5

Cytoplasmic (C-ANCA) <1.20 NEG

Perinuclear (P-ANCA) <1.20 NEG

Note:The presence of positive fluorescence exhibiting p-anca or c-anca patterns alone is not specific for diagnosis of Wegeners. or microscopic poloangiitis. Decesions about treatment should not be used solely on ANCA IFA results. As many as 5% serum samples are positive only by EIA, Follow up testing may be recommended.

Atypical P-ANCA <1.20 NEG

Lupus Panel ALL NEG To many to List all in Range

Basic Metabolic Panel (8) All Good

Carbon Dio
Calcium (Low)


[U]Present Time[/U]: Still having minor AB and Chest Pains, Back of the head numbing and brain freeze/tingling, seems to have also moved to my face and jaw area, seem to be having some balance issues not always but does happen. Minor back pains, Brain Fog just seem to be out of it. Vision appears to be worse/blurry up close, (have been to eye doc no change) Still tired but not as severe as early in the year, periodical a stopped up head feeling and very minor pain in and around ears. There are no factors that seem to change the above it can be morning or evening seem to progress as the day goes on. Do not have all symptoms at the same time but have some of them everyday.


I am 47 years of age 6 FT-190 pounds, weekend beer drinker and a reformed smoker (quit in Jan 07) Up to Dec 07 NO health problems, had probable been to a Doctors Office 10 times total in my life. In Dec 07 I was on a business trip in San Antonio, Tx when I began experiencing symptoms (all of a sudden like someone flipped a switch) that included the following. Chest Pains and Burning (felt hot to the touch) Back of the head numbing and what felt like an Ice Cream brain freeze. I also had this out of it feeling like a BRAIN FOG. Not wanting to have a problem in another town, I left and returned home 7 hours away. My wife drove me to a clinic where I was put on a EKG machine and the clinic Doc advised all ok gave me some Meclizine put me back on Prevacid (which I had been on years earlier) for Acid reflux and sent me on my way. At this time I did not have a Primary Doc and made an appointment with one. This doc did Complete Labs, and found nothing but elevated EBV numbers. Doc advised would look at numbers again in 30 days due to this being a Virus there was nothing else to do but Time also gave me some sinus sprays. This was a REALLY BAD time from the months of Jan-May I felt terrible, Chest Pains which really had me concerned, TIRED all the time could not wait to get to the bed or couch, loss of appetite, cold all the time, Dizzy/Lightheaded, back of the head pain(really bad that a aspirin would not help) , AB Pains, Irregular Bowel movements (still everyday but not as much product), Facial numbness/tingling, Brain Fog, Did not want to do anything. These was of great concern and due to not EVER having medical issues I returned several times to my family doctor and the following are the test and medications I have been on during this experience.

Blood Test-X 5 CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipid, PSA, TSH, Lyme, HEP Panel, HIV Panel, Rheumatoid Arth. Factor, Sedimentation Rate-Westergren, EBV Panel, B-12, Alpha Fetoprotein Serum, H. Pylori. From the months of Jan08 to the last one Sept08

Results: With exception of EBV numbers (which all Docs say is no longer a concern) and up and down Cholesterol LDL sometimes a little high--- ALL NORMAL

XRAYS and CT SCANS-- MRI-(April08) Brain(Normal) and C-Spine-(May08) (see results under other)

CT scan Heart (Feb08) and Abdominal (June08 Prior to Colonoscopy) ---All Normal

Chest X-ray X 2 (June 08) this one remarked a few calcified granulomas are present. The Second (April08) listed Brocades otherwise No acute Cardio disease identified.

Colonoscopy and Endoscopy (June08) —Acid Reflux No other problems identified

ENT exam (Sept 08) - All Normal

Full Cardio Work-up (Feb08) Echo and CT scan, Carotid Artery Ultrasound- All Normal

Medications: That I am currently using—Prevacid, (Acid Reflux) Dicyclomine spastic colon-(only three times did not like side effects) some natural meds by Dr. Jernigan’s Borrelogen, Nutrametrix-OPC, Fish Oil Tablets.

Other: C-spine Impression: Neural Foraminal caliber is low normal or mildly narrowed throughout the cervical spine. This appears to be the result on congenital factors as I see no evidence of facet or uncovertebral hypertrophy. Disc morphology is well maintained, as is spinal canal diameter. Have also seen an Infectious Disease Dr. and a Second M.D. and now a Nuero

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