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Jam36Mo: The last 2 months of primary care doctor and a neurologist expermenting with giving me various doses and meds (gabapentin, cymbalta and weeklt methotroxate has me feeling like a guinea pig but I'm following his suggestions since this neuropathy and nerve pain, especially the immense swelling in my legs and feet, leave me open to any treatment that might. I find hearing from others with similar diseases very helpful and less suspcious of my initial doctor. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope your situation is remedied quickly!
[QUOTE=woondog;3829267]Hi there. Neuronton was originally prescribed for a different condition. Then they
found out that it helped patients suffering from pn. Soon, there were 50 times more
(approx) more pners getting the prescription for pn. The Food and Drug Administration
tried to take it off the market but there was a upswell of protest and they left it
alone. I have had PN for 25 years. About 13 years ago, Neurontin was put on the market
and for awhile, I thought it was a miracle drug. It worked for about 5 years, then, no
matter how many pills I took...there was no relief. I now take a much stronger
drug...Nortryptiline and dilaudid and that works fabulously. So, I am grateful.
Ishould tell you that I have diabetes.[/QUOTE]

QUOTE Jam 63: I found that taking the Neurontin for my neropathy of legs and butt, while giving some relief, I had to stop tsking it because it caused my extremeties to swell badly. So this week I am taking Lyrica but while it really helps te pain and swelling, it is too expensive to order (these were doctors' samples). I don't have diabetes but my troubles began with a fall down a flight of stairs. Have some pinched nerves in my back that's mysteriously causing the nerve pain in m legs and right hand. It doesn't knock the nerve pain out completely but help dull it to a bearable level. Doctors have now added Cymbalta and samples of Lyrica. Lyrica helps but of course is a new and thus expensive drug, so. . . .[/QUOTE]

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