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Anyone else?
Jan 22, 2009
Hi all. For over 6 months I have had stabbing pains all over (mainly random fingers, toes, ankle), extreme joint cracking, buzzing feeling on and off on either foot, and nerve pains--this for the most part all onset in June one random week. It has not gone away, I have good days and bad days. I have muscle twitching ALL over my body daily which onset 1 month after my other symptoms. It has gotten a bit better but got to the point that I was twitching thousands of twitches per day for 2 months. I also get deep burning pains that will ride up a random finger or toe, feels like hot acid being poured on my bone. Also random numbness in my right hand.

I had an MRI for brain and spine, it was fine. An EMG, full body bone scan, 40 pages worth of blood tests, all fine minus a few things that the drs say mean nothing.

What could be wrong? It clearly seems nerve related though not sure how the extreme joint crakcing fits in

Oh, also a month after this all started, I developed horizontal ridges on all my nails aka beaus lines......still have them

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