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Seems like I have the same thing as everyone else here, pain in right flank, feels like being hit when pressed on. Same nausea, etc. Hurts most in bed and can't roll over from right side to back or worse yet to left side. Had CT scans and talked to GP and Urologist as Ct located Bosniak IIF mass of 3cm, but they say it should not be causing any pain. Almost feels like a kidney stone like I had years ago, but no super severe pains. But are bad all the same and can also hurt when taking deep breaths.

Been on neuropathy meds for my legs as have nerve damage from crushing them, but that doesn't seem to help this pain. So far they either don't believe me or think chiropractor is the best thing. They won't even have me lay down and just roll over so they can feel the spasms and tightness.

At least now I know I'm not crazy now that others have the same thing. Will keep posting when I learn anything as I am having other scans MRA, MRI and lots of lab work while keeping an eye on my mass in the right kidney over the next few weekly visits and scans.

Cymbalta, Amitriptoline and Loritab hasn't helped me or anything else so far.
[QUOTE=JDamon33;5160103]After reading this entire thread, this is what I have. Burning pain that started under my left armpit and radiates along the T5 nerve front to back in a line. Only on left side for first - 10 years. Then, out of the blue I get hit with the same burning pain along the nerve that runs from my belly button to my back on the right side over the last 6 years! So, I was seen by every Dr. under the sun and have tried about everything to get relief. I was long ago diagnosed with riduclopathy of the nerve routes from spinal compression. I have had trigger point injections, epidurals, and been on Gabepentin (Neurontin) for around 13 years. I also take Cymbalta and the combination of the two does help a lot, but doesn't alleviate the pain. The pain is absolutely made worse after eating hot bannana peppers or jalepenas and it also hurts worse (burns/aches) when I take too much Tylenol or Advil. I believe it may have first arisen after taking Cipro for a sinus infection. Any see any correlations with the foods and/or Cipro that might give us a clue why the pain is arising in the first place? I also had a 3 cm Bosniak IIF cyst (benign) removed from my kidney and it made no difference in my pain.[/QUOTE]

I feel like very greasy or fatty fried food can make my pain feel much much worse. Sometimes I feel like even some juice can make it feel worse. VERY INTERESTING to note is that I was also on CIPRO for a week and this is when I first started to notice the you flashed my memory back to that.

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