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Sounds a lot like my issues.
I, like the previous post, also have a carpal tunnel as well as a compressed ulnar nerve and had that wonderful NCV test (ugh that was so painful & uncomfortable!). My pain actually has started radiating up into the base of my neck and I'm a high school math teacher that uses a lot of technology in my classroom. In talking with my doctors we thought my poor posture when I was playing the piano for the 1st 18 years of my life was a large contributing factor. I would scoot the piano bench back more when you are playing to not compress the nerve in the elbow or wrist or whatever may be compressed.

I'm planning on going back to my doctor soon because I'm really hurting and no amount of Aleve or advil or anything has been helping (stupid nerves!).

Have you tried some of the exercises that are supposed to help it?

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