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I have all the same symptoms. I have been diagnosed with ulnar nerve entrapment. The problem is there is really no way for them to be sure if the problem is in the neck or the ulnar nerve. Both can cause these problems.
They do have a brace to keep your arm from bending, you wear it a night. It does help some. Also , be aware at all times and try to keep from bending the arm for long periods of time. If you do that you can get things to calm down some.
The ulnar nerve is much easier to treat than the neck. It's a quick release surgery and a short recovery time,much like carpal tunnel. If it's not caused by your neck you should be fine. It can also be in both places at the same time.
I would fix your arm first. Then move on to the neck if needed. If they didn't find anything in your neck on the MRI they won't be able to do anything to your neck.
Just because they can't see it doesn't mean its not there. You may fix your arm and still have the problem, and the doc's will have a hard time believing you have the problem then. I hope for your peace of mind it is in your arm. Best of luck to you.

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