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[QUOTE=CADEWOMAN;3865075]how long before neurontin takes effect for nerve pain[/QUOTE]

I've been taking Neurotin, generic version of Neurotin which is called, 'Gabapentin 100 mg.' for quite awhile now and works really well for my nerve pain in the left thigh. For me, I got an immediate and positive effect from taking Gabapentin 100mg., as recalling that I didn't feel 'pain' right after taking it. However, like any med., you may need to wait 2 - 3 weeks that is an average rate.

At first, I didn't like it at all, ... even my Neurologist suggested to take other med., Cymbalta which is very expensive, although my Insurance paying most of med. cost. Afterwards, I went back to the Neurotin that I took very minimum dosage, even I wanted to cut it in half, but then I got to like this med., six months later one whole pill and now 2 pills, even three pills before going to the bed, depending on 'pain' I feel during day. Because, Gabepentin/Neurotin gives me a sound and good-nite sleep.

There is NO side effects for me, ... only thing I concern is that I can not take this med. during days, because I'm afraid of 'sleepiness.' Otherwise, Neurotin is a terrific med. with very inexpensive med. in comparison to newer med., most of which is outrageously expensive.
I take Neurontin 800 mg 4 a day (one in the am, one in afternoon and 2 at night) and about 4 months ago had to start taking Cymbalta 60mg with it for any relief.

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