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Hi Tnquilter

I have neuropathy in both legs and feet, as well as arms and hands due to nerve in my lumbar and spinal cord compression in my cervical spine. My first symptoms were leg weakness, especially my left leg. Also my balance was bad, causing several falls. MRI showed bulging discs L4 and L5 and stenosis caused by enlarged ligament. My pain is mostly in my lower back, but can at times extend down the hip and thigh. Sitting is extremely hard, and also walking after sitting. I had three ESI's but they didn't help much. My NS doesn't think I would be helped by surgery in my lumbar. The neuropathy got extremely worse, ( I am not diabetic) and then my neurosurgeon ordered a second MRI and EMG of both lumbar and cervical spine. I had a vertabra that had slipped majorly due to a fall, and had surgery in June on C7-T1 to put things back in place. He said the cervical spine had caused much of my leg problem, since it involved spinal cord compression. I still have the neuropathy, but leg and arm strength has improved after PT. The neuropathy is becoming somewhat less, but I don't know how much it can improve. Nerves take 18 months to two years to heal if they can heal. My mother took Elavil for years for her burning toes caused by surgery 40 years before on sciatic nerve. The surgeon had to peel off the disc from the nerve root. She never got any relief. I am not taking drugs for the neuropathy, but take b vitamins and omega 3 capsules, which I think have helped me. Actually exercise seems to help the most when my leg pain gets bad. I do the things learned in PT. Especially in the warm water pool. I would consider going to a neurosurgeon rather than an ortho for your situation. Hope that you get some answers.

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