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I too am here. I have had a couple of bad weeks lately. The pain med. doesn't seem too be working as well as it did when I first started it, so you all know how that feels. They keep insisting I try an antidepressant because I cry everytime I go to my appt. I get such bad side effects from them and I swear that each one I try makes my neuropathy worse. I am on citralopram now for 6 days and every joint in my body hurts. I get a stabbing pain in my upper left back and the pain shoots all down my left arm, making my elbow and hand go numb. I told myself I would stay on this until I saw my PM doctor this Friday, just so they can't say I didn't give it a chance, I am also hoping it will kick in and do some help. I too am a grandmother who is missing out on the wonderful time of watching my grandkids. I miss working so much too, all of the people contact, I don't get that anymore. I try to keep doing the housework and shopping and then at the end of the day I just lay on the couch in pain. My husbad works full time and has a bad knee but he never gives up hope that something will help. I have such bad experiences with all of the usual drugs for neuropathy I don't know where to turn anymore. I just wish I knew what caused mine, maybe I could get on with my life if I only knew what I was up against. I am sitting here crying typing this, so , so much for the anti-depressant working. Please everyone, don't stop posting, sometimes you are my only human contact outside of my wonderful husband.

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