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Feb 4, 2009
:dizzy: Hi! I went through 2 rounds of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation in '04. During the second round of chemo, I was exercising on the floor, and when I got up, my cat brushed against my leg and knocked me over! My legs were numb, mostly from the knees down, and me feet were "gone." Since then I've had extreme pain in my feet, sometimes can't even put a sheet over them at night. I was diagnosed with neuropathy, but no emg was every done. I've been on lyrica, "morontin" (neurontin made me dumb as a rock), and loads of vicodin for the pain. Had no results from Lyrica or morontin. So, was referred to a PM clinic last spring, finally. The doc wanted an MRI as she suspected back issues, though at the time, I had no back pain. New diagnosis' of degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis, so went through about 6 nerve block injections, with no relief. Shortly after those, we were moving to a new house, and my back started hurting.
Blah, blah, I ended up seeing an Orthopedic surgeon, and had a spinal fusion last October. I was in the hospital for 6 days, then in a hospital bed at home for about 5 weeks. My foot pain ceased!! But, after going through PT and trying to walk more, the pain has returned. As bad as before surgery. Very upsetting. So I'm back on lyrica as of yesterday, but still need vicodin daily.
Last night, I got up from the couch, and fell back into it. I managed to get up, but then could barely manage to walk, having to hold onto furniture and use a cane to get to the bathroom, no more than 25 feet from the couch. I was in severe pain, my legs where visibly spasming, and my head felt 'cloudy.' Today, I still feel a bit wobbly. Has anyone else had that issue?

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