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This is the first time I posted here. I have been reading this thread and have been compelled to post. First off, I have had this strange skin sensitivity starting with my arms--so sensitive to the point I cannot really wear anything with sleeves. This all started over 20 years ago and I was in my early 20's. I just remember the sleeves of my t-shirt rubbing against my arms and it really bothered me. 20 years later, it is much, much worse. I now get this what I describe as a 'burning ache' whenever I wear something with sleeves and I feel the fabric rubbing against my arms. This is pretty difficult to live with since when the weather turns cold, I have no choice than to wear sleeves. I find that the only types of clothing the skin on my arms can handle are those Under Armor nylon shirts and they have to fit snug. I usually wear a shirt over them since they are pretty tight. Sometimes, the skin feels so bad I cannot wear anything on it. Sometimes, this 'sensitivity' and burning ache spreads to my legs and back. It usually gets worse when I'm tired, hungry or pmsing. Cold weather and air-conditioning also aggravates it. It basically sucks and it has really taken over my life. I feel really depressed about it and yes, I do have a history of depression and anxiety. I currently take cymbalta since I have told my psy. about all of this. I don't think it is helping but it is helping with the depression, to a degree.

I've been to the neurologist and I am taking gabapentin which seems to help--only sometimes. He thinks I have small fiber neuropathy. At first he thought it was fibromyalgia but I don't have the pain and the pressure points. While I am glad this 'thing' have has a name (as opposed to all in my head), I have got to find the correct medications and such in order to live with this. It really takes a lot of out of me and I get tired very easily. It's not like I'm in severe pain or dying but man, it does get me down. I try not to let it but there are times I get so tired of it.

Oh, also, there was a span of time, about 5 years when I did not have this at all, about 10 years ago. It then came roaring back. Ugh.

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