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You know- now that you mention it- I don't know of anyone either that has had a diagnosis of SFN. I wonder if most people are told they have PN and no one investigates it much further. I think it is downright weird that we haven't met other sufferers. I too am a mother of 4, a grandma of 3 and a retired nurse and then went on to a lab tech career which I can no longer work at. I have RA as well as pre-diabetes My children have all been gone from home and are all leading happy lives. I am in a wonderful marriage and the future should look rosy for me. I really don't understand how all of this pain came to be. It came on gradually and now after 3 years shows absolutely no signs of easing up. I do not have depression issues but I do have issues with the scariness of perhaps not being able to walk soon. I want to work, I want to take my dog out for a walk I want to run after my grandkids and dance with my husband but all of that is being taken away from me by this damn disease. And no one has any answers for us. I applaud anyone that can carry on a somewhat normal life. I plan my days around being able to do one task outside the home. If I need to go to the bank, then that is all that gets accomplished that day. I walk with a cane now- does anyone else have walking issues like the feet just won't do as you want them too? are they numb as well as burning? Do you have balance issues and are scared to walk alone? Does it feel like someone crushed your toes, broke your ankles and then set your feet on fire? and it never stops!!? And why won't a pain medication work for me?
Will I have to live forever with two pillows separating my husband and I in bed because the thought of him accidentally hitting my feet sends me reeling. Does anyone know of any new pain meds in the near future? Other than anti-seizure meds and anti depressants, what do you take for pain? Also questioning aspartame as a trigger.
Thanks for listening.. I appreciate it!
Trying to do it med free also but having troubles too!!

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