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Okay...this is going to sound bizarre, but....

For the past three days I've been getting periodic pain near my left armpit (when your arm is down at your side, put your other hand over your body and feel where the arm meets the side, up where the armpitl bends close to the body) THAT is the primary spot that hurts. Periodically it will flair and spread a little further across my chest, up high (not through the middle of my chest). Every now and then the pain will head up toward my clavicle, but it never goes down my arm or up my shortness of breath...nausea or heart attack symptoms.

Basically, I've tried pressing on the area to get it to good. I can't seem to figure out a trigger...sometimes it comes when standing up straight, other times when slouching, it is soooo darn random!

It seems to have eased a bit since I've put an ice pack on the area.

Suggestions? I've made a chiro appointment in case my spine is out of whack.

Thanks gang! :)

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