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Jason, for the burning I found a little relief with B1 [thiamine ] 100 mg x 3 times daily, unfortunatly it doesn't help everyone though.
B12 methylcobalamin supplements are good for general nerve support [1-5 mg daily] taken on empty stomache for max absorbtion.
A multi B vitamin will help the B12 work better, I take mine in the morning.
There are no quaranties with supplements, but vitamin B is needed by the nerves so they definatly won't hurt you.
The only vitamin B people must be carefull wth is B6, to much can actually cause nerve damage, but there should be enough in the multi B tab to cover normal needs.
I am wondering if you have tried a gluten free diet, it is often overlooked as a cause and presents itself as small fibre neuropathy and is something people can do themselves.

oh yes, I am as the screen suggests, Australian.
best of luck
Aussie :)

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