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Jason, for the burning I found a little relief with B1 [thiamine ] 100 mg x 3 times daily, unfortunatly it doesn't help everyone though.
B12 methylcobalamin supplements are good for general nerve support [1-5 mg daily] taken on empty stomache for max absorbtion.
A multi B vitamin will help the B12 work better, I take mine in the morning.
There are no quaranties with supplements, but vitamin B is needed by the nerves so they definatly won't hurt you.
The only vitamin B people must be carefull wth is B6, to much can actually cause nerve damage, but there should be enough in the multi B tab to cover normal needs.
I am wondering if you have tried a gluten free diet, it is often overlooked as a cause and presents itself as small fibre neuropathy and is something people can do themselves.

oh yes, I am as the screen suggests, Australian.
best of luck
Aussie :)
Hey Aussie,

Thanks for the information. I've read on a couple other threads that people have had a lot of success with a product called Nerve Support Formula from a company called WSN. I ordered a bottle today and hope that it lives up to its 90 money back guarantee. It's funny because it sounds like something you'd see on info commercial. From what I understand however, it has all the B vitamin products incorporated in one pill. What are your thoughts on this product? Am I better off going to my local drug store and buying the B1 and B12 separately?

I have not taken a gluten free diet. If I had a problem with gluten, wouldn't it show up in the thousand blood tests I've taken to date? If not, I'm totally willing to try and go gluten free. I'd have to do a lot of research on how to go about it, because I'd have no idea where to start. I really appreciate the suggestion however!

The reason I asked if you were Aussie is because my fiancÚ is Australian. Actually, she was born in the Philippines and then moved to Australia when she was a little girl. Been in the states for close to 9 years now. She can turn her Aussie accent on and off, which I think is pretty funny!


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