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Jason, I know a guy that had been classed as idiopathic small fibre [whole body wide] he tested negative for celiac disease but tried a gluten free diet anyway and said he has definatly improved and is sticking to the diet, this guy does a lot of neuropathy research and told me that he read 20% of people have been tested negative for celiac by blood tests, but have tested positive for celiac by biopsy, I am not saying this is the answer for anyone by any means but when patients get labelled idiopathic, I think anything [within reason] is worth a try to get better..

The same goes for vitamins and supplements there not going to work for everyone, simply because of the many differant causes of neuropathy, they sometimes help some but do nothing for others, so it boils down to personal choice, with me I choose to use them to support or nourish my nerves whilst I was healing from the damage the elevated blood sugars had done.

With the Nerve Support Formula, as far as I know its a mixture of b12 methylcobalamin and Benfotiamine, both of these vitamins have helped some neuropathies but I am sure that it won't help all people with neuropathy.
Its interesting they offer a money back quarranty but i would like to see how they stand by there policy if it doesn't work, you won't get that buying them seperatly in stores so its really personal choice again.

Us aussies think everyone else has accents, not us :D

good luck mate
Aussie :)
have you ever tyied WSN nerve support it has al the vitamins yo have mentioned and
is supposed to be very eefective for absorption, pleqase let me know if anyone has tried
this Ii have just ordered this thanks roni

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