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Re: Cidp
Mar 26, 2009
Hi, it may pay to have another Nerve conduction test now seeing it has been 3 years since the first one, sometimes in the beggining of PN symptoms the nerve conduction test doesn't always show any protentiol problems, but latter on it could show.
Also an emg should be done to check your motor nerve functions and a skin punch biopsy or quanitive sensory testing to check small fibre damage, these are the nerves that send signals to the brain regarding sensations, like the burning you spoke of.
Have you been tested for B12 defiencey ? chronic fatigue & nerve problems can be a sign of B12 defiency which can affect the central nervous system as well as the peripheral nervous system, just one possibilty out of many.
Some docs are decades behind in knowledge of B12 and the levels considered as normal can actually be very low, the japan neuro experts are very suspicoius of b12 defiency at any reading under 500, were some of our docs think 200 is normal or ok which it isn't, just something to keep in mind,
muscle twitching can be from low levels of magnesium, its really best to see a neuro that is a neuropathy expert, not all neuro's are very familar with neuropathy, some know the basics others don't know much at all, I know some patients that have been threw 5 neuro's before finding one that was any good, it's not right but it does happen.

I hope this helps
Aussie :)

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