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A vitamin D deficiency can cause similar symptoms to what you're having.

It causes numbness and pins and needles sensation in the extremities.
pain in the bones, and can also mimic fibromyaliga.

it effects memory, where it can make your mind foggy like, can make your neck hurt just to turn it, pain deep in the joints when you're sleeping at night.

I say all these things because it's happened to me. twice so far.
God only knows how long mine had been so low. they're not finding out that more people have it and dont' even know it.

It only takes a simple blood test to find out.

It's worth checking into if you have no other answers.

they tested alot of parkinson's patients and found out that just about every one of them had a vit. D deficiency.
plus breast cancer patients, colon cancer patients.
they're finding out it effects our immune systems to fight off cancers.
do a google on it. you'd be amazed how important this vitamin is needed in our bodies for it to run smoothly.

I"m not a doctor so can't really answer your question per say, but I can guess. It's just my thoughts and only a dr can diagnose you. IF I were you, i"d get a check up by your doctor.

hope you feel better.
So, is this test done in normal CBC, etc? Do you have to request to test for a vitamin D def? Thanks.
Hey JWood,
sorry to get back to you so late on your question. I noticed that all my replies from health board is being sent to my spam and I have to somehow figure out how to change this on my computer so I don't lose any of my precious replies from others I spend time corresponding with.

This is not performed on a regular cbc as far as I'm aware of. Mine was ordered specifically. The dr will know which test to order when you tell them vitamin D.

IF you decide to get this performed, please keep us updated on your diagnosis.
I"m interested to find out what happens.
I'm reading any info I can get on the subject and seeing that it really is an epidemic in this country.

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