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I don't know if this is where I should post this, but I've been having what I think might be nerve problems. I was in a car accident in October where I flew forward and then back and hit my head and back on the seat. I had neck and shoulder injuries and a three week long headache. About a month ago while I was in physio (I no longer go) I had a heat pack wrapped around my neck and I think I moved my head the wrong way and the entire left side of my head went numb, like the pins and needles feeling. About 12 days ago, I had bad back spasms for an entire day. The next day, I had this pins and needles like feeling all over my body, except it feels like I'm being poked with only one needle instead of many. And it almost feels like it's itchy. It's still happening as of today. Any ideas on what it could be?
It sounds like you might have some nerve impingement in your neck. You need to have an MRI of your cervical area, if you haven't. Look on the Spinal Cord board for lots of examples. I hope that you get some answers. I had to have a ACDF surgery and I still have neuropathy symptoms.
I have the same pins and needle feeling in my left leg. I had back surgery in 1998 and since then I have had problems. I have never been diagnosed with Neuropathy but I know that is what I have.
What you are explaining sounds to me like Neuropathy, but it could also be a pinched nerve (Radiculopathy).
Good Luck to you!!! :angel:
I am also experiencing pins and needles feeling all over my body,the feeling started in my hands and feet,as well as ankles then went away for a week or so,but now its back all over my body especially in my back,back of the neck,top of my head,arms legs,feet,and hands,this to comes and goes,but is absolutely driving me crazyyyy,this all started happening i want to say a month or so ago.i was diagnosed with parkansans disease in september of 2007,but never have i had this problem.i am going to see a neurologist about this on the 30th of this month where they are going to give me a emg-ncv test,as well as a bunch of blood work.hopefully they will find the cause with this test.not sure if the emg will show if i also have ms,besides parkansans,any doctors reading this please reply..ohh i also read it might be hydrothyroidism...

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