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Hi everyone,
I have been reading about neuropathy on here for a few days now and wonder if anyone shares the same symptoms as me and if so how you cope and how you have progressed.
I woke up two weeks ago now with a tingling and numbness sensation in my heels. The next day it was my whole feet and by the third day it has gone up to the back of my knees. My feet were absolutley freezing cold like I had been standing in ice for hours and my toes would snap off if you touched them. At this point I went to the doctors who thought I could have a trapped nerve. I went home but by the sixth day the numbness and tingling had gone up to my waist at this point my hubby dragged me into the doctors who promptly sent me to hospital. I have had loads of blood tests, a back and chest xray and a MRI scan all came back normal. A few blood results still to come back. The doctors say I have Peripheral Neuropathy and I now have to wait to see a neurologist which could take a month !!!!
My symptoms are freezing feet although I have noticed over the last week that when i put them on a padded surface rather than the floor the coldness does improve. I also have a sensation that i can only describe as like having threads of cotton tied tightly around the bottom of each toe. Also inbetween my toes I feel like there are coarse grains of sand. Further up my legs I have the feeling of tight bands being above and below my knee. my thigh muscles feel tight. I cannot stand for long as my feet freeze but If I sit for to long my legs go dead and thats just as uncomfortable. I have also lost the sensation if i need to go to the toilet. Sorry to be graffic. However i do go when I get there but cannot sense my bladder is full i just think its about time I went now and do manage to go. I have been prescribed some painkillers that do not make a scrap of difference and some anti depresant tablets that i am reluctant to take. i am not depressed. However these type of depresants are used for people who have shingles so they could help.
Im normally a fit and healthy person. i have had no time of work in the last 10 years and this has just come out of the blue. It is affecting me because i cannot walk my dog, or drive my kids to school. I just cannot bear the thought that it is not going to get better.
Phew think thats enough for starters....hope to hear from you soon.x.

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