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CRPS Type II ??
May 7, 2009
I was in a severe car accident in Sept '08, and have had three surgeries. The third surgery was to fix a torn PCL in my right knee. I opted for it because my tibia bone was sagging behind my knee. They did a nerve block and then put me under with general anasthetic. The next day, my foot was still numb, and swollen which i thought was still part of the nerve block and surgery. After three days, my foot was still numb, and could barely move it. After removing the dressings on my knee, i noticed a lesion on the right side, just below where the knee joint is. Still my foot was numb, and could barely wiggle my toes and only move my foot inwards and downwards. Then my foot became extremely hypersensative, still numb in parts, and there was an onset of increased constant pain in my foot, that ran halfway up my shin.

About a week later my symptoms included swelling, warm/cold surface temps, reddish / purple colors, constant hypersensativity, pain, and numb/tingly-ness. I saw my surgeon and he said i likely had nerve compression of the perinial nerve perhaps due to the dressings and leg brace being on so tight, with the addition of the swelling post-op.

So the pain only got worse, i now have foot drop, and can only move my foot inwards, downwards, and slightly wiggle my toes. But can't bring my foot up, or move it outwards. Still same symptoms, and finally went to a neurologist where they say i have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Type II or aka: RSD / Casauglia ??

I have been taking neurotin and been having nerve blocks which have made the pain manageable. I also sleep with a night foot brace to help with the foot drop. I will also have a EMG done soon. Docs and therapists are optomisitic and say that i should get function back in my right foot and the pain should subside eventually...However, after reading everything online, there seems to be no cure and that some people get better, some don't.

I am in the military and have had an active lifestyle, etc. This condition has really put a hamper on my hopes for full recovery from my accident and will probably leave me with disability.

So i was wondering if anyone on here has or is going through what i'm going through and would share thier thoughts and comments.

Is there anything i should be doing in addition to neurotin, pain meds, etc?

What questions should i ask when taking the EMG? Should i get a MRI - and will that show any nerve damage?

Has anyone fully recovered? If so, how long did it take?

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