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This is my first time posting anything I have read some of your stories and I feel for you guys so much. I know somewhat what your going through.I got nerve pain after having a surgery.Now I have had burning and pain down in the vaginal area all the time for the last two years.I have try several different meds.I just got put on cymbalta and I feel so sick and I am still burning .I have only been taking it for 4 days now so I am hoping it will pass and get better.I am so sick of going to doctors I feel like I can't live life normal anymore.I feel like I don't know what a normal life is anymore.No one understands none of my friends they just don't get it.My husband has been so good to me other wise I probley would have lost my mind by now.:( I am sorry to drop all of this on everyone but it feels good to hear your stories and me to able to talk to people that understand what I am going through.

Thanks so much for listening:wave:
P.S can anyone tell me side effects for cymbalta???
I have small nerve fiber damage in my hands, wrists, and forearms along with Raynaud's syndrome. I was on 300mg neurontin at night and 60mg of morphine. It covered the pain only enough to survive my day--it still hurt to wash a dish, fold a shirt, etc. and my hands/etc. were swollen, red, stinging, aching, cutting glass etc. (Misdiagnosed with chronic tendinitis for 4 years by Kaiser P). Got new ins. + Pain Management. I asked for "Lyrica" because I'd heard some good things about it. I was also put on put on a calcium channel blocker to open my blood vessels and Cymbalta which for depression/anxiety + it has pain blocking properties. The Lyrica (it's a cousin to neurontin) made a HUGE difference. It felt like a nice soft glove covering my nerve endings. I go to a warm pool to get my blood flowing every morning which is also critical to my pain management. I have been able to get off of the morphine and some powerful anti-inflammatories. You might want to give some of these things a try if your insurance will cover it and visit your local pool for some self induced physical therapy. Like I said, it's worked wonders for Me! JillyWilly

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