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personally,i would just ask your primary doc to simply send you for a contrasted MRI for now. since you are actually having this symptom bilaterally,the most likely place for the ulnar nerve problem could just be some level of "centrally located" issue like a bulged disc that is protuding straight out instead of like a bit more one sided? discs can herniate or bulge in many ways. but when you are having the same symptoms in both extremities, it is usually a more of a central issue up there that is just compromising both sides of the nerves in reference to the spinal column. once you find out just what may or may not be going on at the c spine level, then you can move on to more definitive testing with an EMG. that should be started from the c spine and then down the key spots down your arms to the hands. any real true Dx is really a matter of tracking back any symptoms to their natural sources,or their "base of operations". in this case,it would be the c spine and cord area then down from there.

while you don't actually have a c 8 vertebrae, you DO have a c 8 nerve that is also called the ulnar nerve. any affectation below/at C 7 to T 1 could be the problem area for you in there(and not everyones actual anatomy is ALWAYS exacting as textbook, you can have some level of crossover with innervation too). but if i were you, i would request that MRI with contrast just to kind of get the ball rolling here first. its just when dealing with any nerve related problems within the hands, its always good to try and rule out or rule in that c spine first as the culprit. if for some reason it is not, then you do the more in depth EMG/NCV along the arm to the hands to pinpint the affected area(s).

i do wish you luck with this and hope its nothing overly major going on up there. please keep us posted as to what you find out, marcia

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