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Hi 2tiredmom...

Your story sounds a lot like mine but I'm not on any meds. I haven't seen a doctor yet, but I'm making an appointment tomorrow AM. It's to the point where I sleep sitting up with my hands down at my sides--which lasts abt 2 hrs before it wakes me up. I think it's time to see the doc. I've got a little bit of swelling-but mostly it's the pins/needles/numbness thing. To the point where right now my left hand--my entire index and pinky finger-most of my middle finger and the tip of my ring finger are numb all the time? Have you had that problem yet--or can you still shake them out? I can shake out most of my right hand but it seems like it's starting to follow the left. How about your feet--are they going numb? Mine was left hand,then right-then out of hte blue my right foot fell asleep-during the day--just normal in a chair feet on the floor sitting. The left foot started abt 3 days later. BTW--typing is really tough but MUCH better than writing on paper. It kills to hold a pencil.
I couldn't believe it when I ready our post--that I actually found someone who knew what I was going through. I just hope someone out there can help. My friend is a cardiac care/open heart surgery nurse--he told me it's probably cardiac/circulatory in nature b/c it accellerates when my hands/arms are held at or above my heart. Even tho we have MS in our family, he said the "above the heart" thing (and it spreads like a wave down my arms) suggests its not neuro.

If there's anyone out there who has been thru this or can shed some light on what may be going on--please share. Thanks in advance for your help.

1spicymeatball (I'm a tired mom too!!)

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