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I think that it is vitally important to find a cause for the pain first. I have often been a victim of the "lets try" mentality. I am being treated for severe poly-arthritis. They are have me on 20mg a week of methotrexate. My doctor is delerious with the results. By ra blood factor is down to just above high normal. He can't understand why I am still in heaps of pain . He put me on a trial of lyrica. I take 150mg morning and night. It has eased the pain in my lower back when walking though both feet feel like numb pillows and I have no feeling except pins and needles in two fingers of my left hand. I saw him today and showed him a long glucose tolerance test that was done over two and a half years ago. Insulin was tested at the same time.My glucose never got wildly out of bounds but my insulin which should not have exceeded 90 at any time was 290 at the two hour mark. He agreed my gp should have done follow up tests. He has now ordered tests for all of the common causes of peripheral nerve damage ,b12/folate ,ect. If they come back normal he intends to refer me to another neurollagist. I have had the shock tests for neuropathy before but they showed nothing but apparently SFN does not show up on these tests. At least I am getting some answers. The last time i had a "lets try" it was 75 mg daily of prednisone for over seven months and it nearly killed me. If I have to take any more fancy or expensive drugs I want to be certain I know what I'm taking them for, Ron.

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