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Hi All,
I have been back and forth to hospital also for tests and such because I have this neuropathy. I wont have the emg test because my friend had it and she said it wasn`t very pleasant. I have been driven mad by burning feet that started at tip of toes and then spread right through both feet and up my leg to just below my knees and this happened over a very short time . I felt my feet and legs were numb and yet I can feel them burning hot like I have walked over hot coals, they also feel like they are swollen and yet look normal. I was fed up waiting months for each lot of tests to be done and getting nowhere. so went out and purchased a circulation booster and the very first go on it for half an hour, no kidding I could feel my feet and toes for the first time in ages and it was such a relief. Although it didn`t take it away my feet and legs felt different like the numbness had been evened out and less uncomfortable .
I was elated but found my feet and legs was the same when waking up in the night and always felt worse while resting in bed.
I still think the machine is worth what I purchased it for and find the affects last for 2 days at a time. It requires half an hour everyday and it has different strenghth elecrical pulses that you can alter yourself.
I tried gabapentin but couldn`t get on with it as felt like a walking zombie. So not on anything at moment.

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