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just exactly what ARE your C and L symptoms and do you actually have your own copy of the MRI? if you have that copy, could you post that summary at the very end of the report word for word for me? depending upon just how the interpretting rad describes a particular finding really helps in just seeing how possibly impactful it could be. if you do not actually have that copy, you REALLY do need to obtain one and any other types of testing results you may also have in the future just so YOU have them for your own records and can also just read thru them yourself. unfortuently not very finding that shows up in even that summary gets told to every patient either. very sick but this is way too common unfortuently. when you also have both the C and L or even T spine issues, depending upon impact in certain areas, it can be kind of hard to really define if anything below your upper torso/arms is actually from the c spine involvement or the lower spinal affectation. its kind of a matter of really trying to just track back your particular symptoms to where they would base from in the spinal.

neuropathic symptoms that are actually being generated by spinal issue are a bit different than the basic types from actual neuropathy. they can also be relieved completly in some cases with surgical intervention too. alot of how anyone with numbness and tingling in extremities from spinal alone would do post op also really depends upon just how impacted or compromised that area up in the spinal actually is too, and how long any given nerve or the spinal cord has actually been compressed or impinged. some is just reversable and some is not. it just depends. just exactly where is your "neuropathy" located? generally when there is loss of sensory due only to spinal issues it is termed usually as radiculopathic and not neuropathic. who actually told you this was actually neuropathy,what type of doc?

was ANY actual finding up there affecting your actual spinal cord at all? are your leg reflexes kind of 'hyper' when that area below your knee gets tapped with that little hammer thingy? just knowing exactly what that rad saw and described in the report really would help me to help you in the very best way. that summary would contain all hard findings in it, that is all i need. Marcia

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