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Matt, I like you, have done a lot of research. Neural damage may be caused by a host of things; genetic, alcohol, diabetic, from an accident, etc.
Mine was apparently passed on to me by my mother. I have pernicious aenemia. The condition is one whereby your body lacks the ability to absorb
B12. A chronic lack of B12, if untreated, will result in nerve damage that manifests itself as searing pain or numbness in the extremities, a loss of sense of Balance, and a weakness in the legs.(Neuropathy)
The chronic lack of B12 can be treated by injections at regular intervals at whatever level you require to fully replace B12. I take 1 cc of Vitamin B12
(Cyanocobalamin) once a week. It has made a difference for me. I still have some numbness and tingling but I have not yet had any of my earlier painful symptoms reappear.
You can be diagnosed for pernicious aenemia by a Shillings test, a test that establishes the level of absorbed B12 in your system.
Like you, if I drink alcohol, my neuropathy gets worse.
Good luck! Longgrub

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