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Hello to All

I have had the Dx. of SFN for about 9 months now, so I'm relatively new to it. When I first got this I was running from doctor to doctor, many who thought my symptoms were anxiety and stress. Through my persistance and having to go out of my network for insurance....and pay for it myself, I ended up at the Cleveland Clinic, which they dx. me through a skin biopsy. None of the drugs really help, Neurontin does a bit, but I refuse to take a high dose, cause it made me feel like Im in a fog. I take 600mg at night. Tried lots of other meds, but the side effects really bother me. I go to an accupuncturist, and that does help. I don't think it's going to cure it, but it helps my mental state, and somewhat with the pain. He is also coordinates my Vitamins, which is helpful. Again, I don't feel much improvement with the Vitamins, but I'm going to keep it up because I know it takes a long time for Nerve repair. Exercise helps, especially swimming in warm water. Cold definitley makes me worse, so I'm sort of dreading Winter. I take Epsom salt baths in the Winter, and I found that helpful. I will keep you posted on my Chiropractor Neurologist...I haven't made an appoint.yet. I went down the road of Chealation Therapy for a while, believe me you get all sorts of conflicting advice, and I just had to step back and evaluate what I was doing. I do try to eat more healthy. I tried the non Gluten, non dairy, non sugar diet for a while, even though my blood work didn't show celiac, but I didn't notice a thing, and it made me depressed to give up food I love. I haven't given up on seeking out different therapies and options, but I realized I was getting too much input and not much results. I try to keep active and positive. I don't know what others feel, but mine is widespread throughout my body. It mostly a burning skin sensation that radiates deeper. I also feel muscle weakness, and my left heel ankle area, which is my worse spot, aches, burns, and stabs at times. Sorry to carry on so more thing that helps is prayer....I know I get to running around seeking out treatment here and there, but when I slow down and know that there is a God who loves me and cares for me and feel more at peace and know I can handle this burden. Okay enough said. I appreciate the support and peoples thoughts. Will, that's really strange about Cranberry juice. Take Care All!

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