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Wow, when I read this I see so much of myself in this post. I was a normal 18 year old boy when my symptoms first started. I literally was fine one day and in pain the next. Burning in the feet, legs, abdominals, back, and torso. I suffered from extreme fatigue. And depression because of my pain. I remember being very scared because I didn't know what was going on with my body. I went to dozens of doctors between the ages of 18-22 but not one could diagnose what was wrong with me. They called me crazy, suggest I go to therapy because the pain was in my head, and a drug seeker because I would ask for pain meds for my pain. I finally got so upset I quit going to the doctors and proceeded to live the next 13 years of my life with chronic pain and no treatment. It was a nightmare! I was finally asked by my FiancÚ (God bless her) to go and seek help again. Before I did, I wrote a 4 page letter detaining my pain, history, symptoms, and what I was looking for from my doctor. I required every doctor that treated me to read it before my appointment. If they didn't I walked out of their office (did this two times.) This helped a lot because I felt it showed the doctors I was dealing with that I was serious about getting help and finding a diagnosis. An already long story short, I found a neurologists who ran a number of tests on me and found that I had Small Fiber Neuropathy. This diagnosis explained every symptom I have but more importantly I was able to finally put a name with my pain. I'm 32 now and finally have a diagnosis. This was diagnosis was so important because it gives me the leverage to ask for medicine without being judged by my doctor. I'm working with a great Pain Management Team that really cares about helping make their patients comfortable. Long gone are the days of deep despair and doctors thinking I was in their office just to get "drugs." I relate to your post so much because of the sudden onset of your symptoms. How you said you were stuck to a recliner because of your pain. I remember being in bed for days at a time because I was in so much pain and there was nothing I could do about it because the doctors never believed my story. All I will say is keep hounding these doctors. Their job is to help patients. Write a letter and make them read it before your appointment. Don't be afraid to ask for medicine. If that's what helps and you're ok taking a lot of pills, them by all means, ask for it. That's your right and don't ever feel embarrassed about it. It's just plain BS is a doctors accuses you of being a drug seeker. I read that so much on these message boards and it makes me so upset. There are a lot of people out there that have tarnished the system for people who really do suffer from legitimate pain. I suffered for 13 years because I was embarrassed by my doctors response to my pain. I feel for you with all my heart and just hope you don't lose hope on yourself. Continue to look for a doctor that will take a keen interest in treating your pain. Don't give up on feeling better and finding a doctor that will provide adequate pain management. Good luck and God Bless! [QUOTE=sick n tired;4077864]:(I was a normal 30 year old woman with 1 child when I found out I was pregnant. Pregnancy was normal for a few months, then I started experiencing terrible aching hips, shoulders, foot tenderness and fatigue. I attributed all of these symtoms to pregnancy and figured the would all subside after delivery. I was wrong.
:eek:After the birth of my child my symptoms intensified. My legs began to swell with edema for a few weeks. when the edema suddenly went away my legs began to go numb in several places. My doctor had no answers for this and referred my to neurologist. While waiting to see him I developed terrible burning, stinging pain and hyper sensitivity in my feet and hands. Like being stung by fire ants all oner feet. :confused:Neurologist ran tests confirming nerve damage and neuropathy with no explanation (idiopathic) and told me I would have it FOREVER.:( He prescribed meds that did not work like gabapentin, tramadol, vicodin, motrin, these meds did not worlk so the pain drove me to triple the doses, this was and is dangerous but offered me minimal relief and any relief was better than none. Finally I switched to Lyrica and that works great on the nerve pain and stinging pain but I began to notice a different pain developing.
There was a pain in the balls of my feet that feels like I am walking on a sharp rock with every step or even just standing. :mad:It got so bad that I quit wearing shoes because the sensitivity and that rock in my feet was to much for me to bear. I now have an extensive collection of house slippers with memory foam soles and padded insert to help with the pain but ultimately I am bound to a reclining chair with my feet up for most of the day. I can not go and do normal things like shopping or runand play with my kids. My pain has taken over my life.
Recently pain in my hands began to get worse finger joints and wrists aching and sharp pains in wrist and hands and tenderness in my scalp. Also tightness in calves, ankles , aching knees and ankles. Rheumatologist told now I have Rheumatoid Arthritis ( lucky me) and wants to start me on Plaquinel. Podiatrist said I have tarsel tunnel (yipe) and wants to put me on steroids and shots, pain management wants to inject nerves in my feet to completely block out sensation an load me up with pain meds. I dont know if these kooky doctors have even diagnosed me correctly and I don't really trust them especially since they are now treating my like a drug seeker:o I'ts like they are sick of me hounding for answers and different meds. I just know that there has to be a med out there that will help?

:confused:I was a normal person 3 years ago. What happened to my body ? Why did this happen? Was it the pregnancy? Why am I the only only one in my family with this? Why do doctors fail to aknowledge my pain and fatigue? Why do doctors treat me like a drug seeker trying to get pills? I have a 2 year old baby and 6 year old with autism and I just want my life back. I am very dicouraged about my future. Thinking about the future makes me wanna give up and just throw in the towel. 3 years of hell has literally broken me. I can not work to support my children, but disability keeps denying my claim so I have no money and have to depend on foodstamps to feed my children.

Is there anyone out there like me? Anyone I can talk to. I feel so alone and noone understands my agony. Please someone respond I need some hope to go on[/QUOTE]

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