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I had a severe injury to the ulnar nerve (severed) in my right hand 21 years ago. The doctors were able to reconnect the nerve and I gain most of my functioning back 75-80%. Now after a couple of episodes my pinky and ringer finger are getting numb, tingling and my all my fingers are swelling and causing pain. I've had a nerve conduction test and EMG and I'm being advised the tests were normal, but no explanation for the symptoms. My doctor has given me steriods and Lyrica but neither is helping. The pain goes up my forearm and my hand feels like a balloon whether it is up, down or across my body. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
Feelbad is right, you need to find out the actual cause. I had C8 nerve damage from a vertebra pushed into my spinal cord by a fall, injured at the C7-T1 level. My right pinky and ring finger were numb and very weak. After surgery to correct the spinal cord impingement, my strength in the fingers has improved greatly with PT, but due to nerve damage, I still have tingling, etc.

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